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*** Planet 1138 is on Steam Greenlight - votes appreciated ***

Planet 1138 is the sequel to the popular indie game conquest which combines real-time-strategy with third person vehicular combat. One of the goals of Planet 1138 is to open up the RTS genre to a wider audience by lessening the learning curve commonly associated with such games. Players will find Planet 1138 to be easy to learn but difficult to master.


• Build outposts, amass an army, and command your troops to victory without leaving the battle yourself.

• Seventeen mission single-player campaign with a robust upgrade system that rewards players for replaying levels against multiple different AI opponents. (Limited to four in Demo).

• Full controller support.

• Win battles through brilliant strategy, pure fighting skill, or a combination of both.

• Original music by Jason Heine of HeineHouseEntertainment.com


Planet1138_setup.exe 44 MB

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